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Nearest cataloge of Vintage backpack 2019 from China  backpack manufacturers

Pleave click "DOWNLOAD" Get cataloge

And choose your like design backpack.

Note: This price  basd on FOB Tiajing Port

And contact us get best price. We would liek provide more prodcuts picture and video.

Company:Hixiwolves Backpack Co.,Ltd

Contact: Hixiwolves

Phone/whatsapp: +86-18431270291

E-mail: 307484601@qq.com

Hixiwolves Backpack Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of backpacks in China with 8 years of production experience and accepts ODM and OEM.As backpack supplier  Hixiwolves with Professional design team, Free sample, multi-brand cooperation, Focus on the development and growth of every employee ,trustworthy, worthy of choice! Support backpack online custom backpack /wholesale , and  build a multi-faceted business platform with you.


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Contact: Hixiwolves

Phone: +86-15930482552

Tel: Whatsapp: +86-15930482552

Add: Baigou Town,Baoding City, HeBei province.China

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