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  • Men's backpack laptop bag

    Applicable gender: male Pattern: solid color Hardness: medium soft Backpack System: Air Cushion Strap Style: Leisure Function: waterproof, breathable, wear - resistant, load - reduci

  • Backpack

    Opening Mode: Covering Type Material: PU leather Opening Mode: Covering Type Internal structure of the bag: certificate bag, mobile phone bag, zipper bag, computer bag Function:

  • Oxford cloth student bag

    Function: Wear - resistant and load - reducing Do you have a rain shield? Yes Lining texture: polyester Number of roots: double roots Backpack System: Air Cushion Strap Internal structur

  • Oxford cloth student backpack

    Function: Waterproof and wear resistant Lining texture: polyester Backpack System: Air Cushion Strap Shoulder strap number: double

  • Casual bag Oxford cloth backpack

    Function: wear-resistant, lightening, shockproof Processing method: printing Hardness: medium soft Carrying system: curved shoulder strap

  • Oxford cloth backpack

    Lining texture: polyester Carrying system: curved shoulder strap Custom processing: Yes

  • Oxford cloth backpack

    Function: waterproof, breathable, wear resistant Hardness: medium soft Lining texture: polyester

  • Oxford cloth student bag

    Lining texture: nylon Size: 16 inches Carrying system: air cushion strap Usage: Leisure backpack

  • Hot sale travelling Laptop antitheft backpack bag

    Usb personality design Internal organization pockets to store small items Padded pocket that fits a 16" laptop Travel one trip at a time, a good backpack makes you no longer tired!

  • Casual backpack

    Strap root number: double root Processing method: matte pattern: plain Hardness: Medium Package internal structure: computer pocket

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